Nitrogen bonding structure in carbon nitride thin films studied by soft x-ray spectroscopy

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Soft x-ray absorption (SXAS) and emission (SXES) spectroscopies were applied to study the nitrogen bonding structure in magnetron sputtered CNx thin films. By comparing with calculated spectra of N in different model systems, N in three main bonding environments can be identified: (i) CN bonds, with a sharp SXAS peak at 399.5 eV, (ii) pyridine-like N (i.e., N bonded to two C atoms), with an x-ray absorption resonance at ∼398.5 eV, and (iii) N substituted in graphite, possibly with one sp3 carbon as a neighbor (SXAS energy ∼401 eV). These bondings are present in all CNx films analyzed; however, as shown earlier, the relative intensities between the peaks may vary with the growth conditions. Differences in the coordination of the nearest or second nearest C neighbors only cause slight changes in the peak positions and spectrum shape. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.

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