At Messiah University, our faculty come from a wide range of schools and experiences, are they are all committed to our students and their development. Educators foster spiritual, philosophical and theological reflection that enables individuals to develop and deepen Christian commitment, interpret matters of faith intelligently, and minister to others with wisdom and compassion.


Submissions from 2000

Scientific Naturalism, Robin Collins

Character-dependent duty: An anabaptist approach to ethics, Caleb Miller


Cultural Chameleon, Larry Poston


Islam as ‘The Middle Path', Larry Poston

Submissions from 1999

A Scientific Argument for the Existence of God: The Fine-Tuning Design Argument, Robin Collins

Eastern Religions, Robin Collins

Creation, redemption and virtue, Caleb Miller

Ulrich Luz’ s Matthew in history: A contribution to pentecostal hermeneutics?, Emerson B. Powery

Putting the Amish to Work: Mennonites and the Amish Culture Market 1950-1975, David Weaver-Zercher

Putting the Amish to work: Mennonites and the Amish culture market, 1950-1975, David Weaver-Zercher


Putting the Amish to Work: Mennonites and the Amish Culture Market, 1950-1975, David Weaver-Zercher

Submissions from 1996

An Epistemological Critique of Bohmian Mechanics, Robin Collins

Submissions from 1995


Christian Reconstructionism and the Christian World Mission, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1994


Against the Epistemic Value of Prediction Over Accommodation, Robin Collins

The Educational Philosophy of Ignatius of Loyola: A Reply to James Davison Hunter, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1993

When ‘Zero’ Doesn't Mean Zero, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1992


Should the West Stop Sending Missionaries?, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1991

Banishing Boredom, Larry Poston


Becoming a Muslim in the Christian West: A Profile of Conver­sion to a Minority Religion, Larry Poston


The Future of Da’wah in North America, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1990


The Adult Gospel, Larry Poston

Submissions from 1989

Lessons from the Leesburg Manor Apartments, Larry Poston