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Skills are the basis for any job, and the right combination of skills are needed for any organization or industry to function. But, how a government is able to form a workforce with, not only basic working skills, but also the right combination of skills to sustain the nation’s industries is always a challenge, the Skills Challenge. In spring 2006, I participated in an internship program in London. During my internship at a small company called Networking for Industry (NFI), I worked closely with the Skills Group, which tries to inform both Great Britain’s government and businesses about the challenges and opportunities to improve skills. Based on my background knowledge from my work at NFI, I want to investigate exactly what the British government is currently doing to meet the Skills Challenge. Upon my return to the States, I have investigated theUnited States’ current programs that attempt to meet the skills challenge. By comparing these two countries my objective is to answer the following question – How can these governments effectively use education and training to increase its workforce vocational skills? Vocational skills are any skills that are needed for either general or specific employment, while vocational training is any sort of training that can teach these skills. The other types of skills that will be mentioned are basic skills, which are the basic understandings of English and math.