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Bachelor of Science (BS)


Biological Sciences


To improve the learning experience for students in the first-year biology course (BIOL160) at Messiah College, restriction endonuclease cleavage sites within the bacterial plasmid pGLO were sought that would allow students to diagnose the orientation of the GFPencoding insert. Such sites were found in pGLO using New England Biolabs NEBcutter 2.0, and the presence of the predicted sites and suitability of the resulting restriction patterns were confirmed using agarose gel electrophoresis. Recombinant plasmids containing the GFP gene insert in the reverse orientation (relative to pGLO) or lacking the GFP insert were generated. Three recombinants were cleaved with two suitable endonucleases (HindIII or BamHI) to produce restriction patterns appropriate for structural comparison and demonstration. These findings were used to revise the restriction endonuclease module of BIOL160.