Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type



Social Work

First Advisor

Charlene Lane


Over the past century, there has been an increased interest in revitalizing urban environments and communities. Revitalization is defined as the act of “giv[ing] new life or vigor to [something]” (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). Because of the lack of specificity of this definition, individuals, groups, and organizations who have researched or undertaken a project related to urban revitalization have interpreted the end goal differently. As a result, some initiatives have focused on the goal of stimulating the economy through tourism; others have sought to make cities more environmentally sustainable; still others have aimed to uplift urban communities out of poverty.

Although the focuses of urban renewal ventures may be different, their common focus is the realization of one or more problems in cities that need to be addressed. For the purpose of this study, the primary emphasis of urban revitalization that will be considered is the alleviation of poverty and increasing opportunity among disadvantaged communities. This study will involve: exploring the issue of urban poverty; considering the proposed model in Baltimore, Maryland; and examining the applicability of the model to other urban areas.