Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type



Language, Literature and Writing

First Advisor

Dr. Matthew Roth


I found myself wondering, What would that be like? What would it be like to take the events that formed the hero, and delve into the psychology of the figure, give you something to really connect with, despite the ever-widening gap of time? What would it be like to be the son of Zeus, greatest of men, living in ancient Greece, struggling to survive? I wanted to become this bridge, to connect our world to the ancient one. As this project began to develop, my thought leapt to other myths. How would it feel to be the Norse god Odin, who ripped out his own eye and hung himself, only to delay the inevitable end of the world? How would it feel to be the Greek goddess Isis, forced to watch the murder of your husband, binding together his mutilated corpse and forced to be apart from him as he ruled the Afterlife? How could I make a modern reader truly connect to an ancient deity? These stories are all hallmarks of their respective cultures. Thus, while I wanted to tell a story to which someone can connect, I also wanted to honor the intentionality of these cultures.


Created in: ENGL 498 Departmental Honors