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Chemistry and Biochemistry


The repetition and expansion of the nickel accumulation time course study further developed an understanding of Columbia ecotype Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana L.) characteristics in reference to nickel tolerance and accumulation. The long term goal of these studies with Arabidopsis is to elucidate a detailed genetic and molecular mechanism for the processes associated with nickel phytoextraction in both Columbia ecotype and nickel-resistant mutant Arabidopsis. The short term goal of this study was to determine the rate in which Arabidopsis accumulates nickel from its environment, in this case the plate media. A time course curve was developed based upon the mass of nickel per plant dry biomass at selected time points during the course of 14 days. This data was then compared to the previous time course study1 in order to identify trends in the rate of nickel accumulation. Special focus was given to the first 8 hours of accumulation in addition to an increase in the number of second-week time points in order to achieve greater resolution.


Approved for Honors in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Messiah College, 2008.