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Bachelor of Science (BS)



First Advisor

Henry Danso


Effect of sleep quality, study environment, and confidence on academic and cognitive performance were examined in two studies. Study 1 involved 323 Messiah College students (63 males, 252 females, 8 not specified) who responded to a survey involving questions about sleep habits, study environment, and academic performance. Results revealed significant correlations between quality of sleep and confidence and between quality of sleep and grade point average. In addition, it was found that confidence mediated the relationship between sleep quality and academic performance. Study 2 involved 91 Messiah College student (26 males, 65 females) who took a cognitive test and answered survey questions regarding sleep habits and academic performance while being exposed to either bright or dim light. Results showed that students' self-reported confidence interacted with reported sleep quality and lighting condition in predicting test performance. This research has demonstrated that sleep quality and study environment are related to performance, but confidence plays a more significant role in predicting academic and cognitive success.