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"In life, change and growth often summon feelings of joy accompanied by pangs of sorrow. This emotional dialectic shifts from an anticipatory joy for unknown changes that open exciting new dimensions, to a memorial sorrow founded in the "known" past and the loss of this known construct or definition. Celebration stands between these reactions, mediating and ultimately transcending the apparent juxtaposition of these emotions and sentiments ....

Messiah's Philadelphia Campus, brainchild of notable educators Ernest Boyer, Albert J. Meyer, and D. Ray Hostetter, has inspired many who have walked across the threshold at 2026 North Broad Street. For 36 years the Campus has rocked the foundations of young Christians as they have actively and reflectively engaged the campus community, our North Philadelphia neighborhood, and the City. This location, provocatively raising questions regarding the ideals this City has come to represent and our Christian faith is perceived to uphold, has required both students and faculty/staff to step back and reconsider the boxes they inscribe on the world and readjust the parameters and areas in which their faith extends and how their faith extends. Yet, this Campus has also faced its share of difficult times.