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This project's focus was to examine the effects of globalization on Athens, Greece through the use of two theories: grobalization and glocalization, as examined by George Ritzer. The theories were tested to see if they do in fact exist which would best describe the current situation in Athens. The study included questionnaires dispersed to both American students who had studied for one semester, three months, in Athens and also native-born Athenians. Literature reviews were also conducted to gain perspective of support and criticisms of globalization in general and also globalization specifically in Athens. Results from the study suggest that the American students as well as Athenians deem the ancient city to be a glocalized city, rather than grobalized. While I would agree that Athens may currently be a glocalized society, I question how long the ancient city will be able to keep a firm grasp on its traditions and customs, keeping them tightly intertwined with the global forces. It is my expectation that as the juggernaut heads towards Athens it will pulverize all authenticity in its path.