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Dr. Stephen Cobb


This study was spawned by what is called the "Danish Miracle" which is a description of the employment changes in Denmark over the past fifty years. This time period has seen a few swings and some striking changes that are worth examining. In the fifties and sixties unemployment was fairly low and steady until 1973. In 1973 unemployment rocketed and continued to rise until 1993 when it began to fall quickly. Although the country did see very high unemployment for some twenty years, the long term unemployment rates are still very low. However, recent times have experienced otherwise and the question is why. The majority of the paper will focus on the lull in employment and what some of the causes of these low times were. There are a few questions at hand to consider. What are the important influences that were present in the times of low and high unemployment? What caused these rates to change so much? This paper will reflect on such questions.