Andrew Yau

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Without exaggeration, it has certainly been a privilege to work on the Intelligent Water Project this semester. Though the challenges seemed insurmountable at times, the outcome was definitely worthwhile. Knowing that our success could potentially save and improve lives and knowing that our failure could possibly deprive people of essential resources added a layer of significance to our work that many students arguably do not encounter. In this project, God has given us the opportunity to serve others as we acquire important professional skills and experience. Truthfully, this project has shown me how little I know with respect to software development. Many of the technologies I was required to use were completely foreign to me when the semester started. For example, I had not written a single of line of code in JavaScript before this project. Many nights, I spent long hours searching the web for solutions to problems that more experienced programmers might find trivial. However, I believe that God can use the most inept person to accomplish his will (More than half the time, I thought that was me.) In his hands, a class of relatively inexperienced college students successfully built a web application that helps to ensure that the poor and needy have uninterrupted access to clean water. Therefore, it is only right to attribute the success of the project to the Lord our God. It was his providence that opened the door for us to serve others in this way. It was his guidance and wisdom that empowered us to complete the work. And it was his blessing that gave us good success. As we consider the enormous effort that all of us poured into this project, it is tempting to think that we have done God a favor. Actually, he has blessed us in allowing us to participate in work that glorifies him. So, let us remember that no endeavor ultimately succeeds without his blessing