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Bachelor of Science (BS)



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Dr Melinda Burchard


Every Friday, your child will be writing in their journals. They might tell you a little bit about what they learned during the week at school. They are encouraged to share a time with you that they were frustrated at school this week as well as a time when they were joyful or proud when they accomplished a goal or completed a task. We have been working on our letter writing format, and we are doing our best to show you our best handwriting and our best spelling. We worked diligently on these letters, and we are so excited for you all to see them! Please feel free to respond to your child’s letter directly in their journal or even leave them a post-it note inside, whatever your child prefers. :) Your child really enjoys hearing from you and sharing what goes on in their classroom throughout the week. Journals will be sent home every Friday. Please return them on Monday so that your child can read your response and write a new response again on Friday. Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your day!