Sarah Brosvic

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Dr. Richard Roberson


The pianist faces a unique situation, with which only the vocalist can sympathize, and that is the immeasurable amount of literature and repertoire written for the solo piano. There is simply too much solo piano music for the pianist to encounter, hear or learn all of the repertoire. Each pianist is forced to select from each genre, era, and composer the “best” music, or best representative music, to study and perform, and then to reject the rest. Sometimes a given composer’s rejects are labeled with their musical crime: inferior quality, lack of musicality, uncertain origins, failure to be musically satisfying, and so forth; often pieces are simply undervalued in comparison with the composer’s more popular favorites and standards. Johannes Brahms’s Op. 10 Ballades is one of these undervalued set of pieces that has suffered harshly at the hands of academics.