Amanda Mylin

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Open Access Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)



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John Fea Ph. D.


Cynthia, an American colonist, had her heart broken as she made the conscious decision to eliminate the purchase and consumption of tea from her daily routine. For her, taking tea like the British was an ordinary practice that would have been extremely difficult to surrender, but her patriotic duty to oppose Parliamentary taxation was more important. The majority of colonists led very British lives that involved consuming various British goods. The culture of colonial America in the years just before the American Revolution was very similar to the “Old Country” in England. The same clothing styles with the same types of cloth as those in London graced the stature of ladies and men in Boston and Philadelphia. American colonists had the same buttons sewn upon their jackets. Colonists like Cynthia filled their British ceramic tea cups with British tea in the same fashion as their cousins across the Atlantic. Ordinary American colonists looked just like their British counterparts.


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