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Here I have taken the opportunity to compile as much information and documentation as I thought might be useful to any endeavoring to stage manage the continuing Gospel of Mark Play Project, or as might be helpful to prepare one for a similar touring production. The notes, ideas, and suggestions herein are informed by my personal experience stage managing the Gospel of Mark Play throughout the 2010-2011 school year, by my other stage management experience, by feedback received from those involved in the production as well as our audiences, and by research I have conducted regarding stage management of touring productions. My hope is that the work we have done to create this script, and the information I have recorded here, will allow this Project to continue within the Department with increasing ease and fluidity. Please consider reading through the information compiled here. For your convenience, there is a CD in the front pocket with a digital copy of our final script, and a few other potentially useful documents in digital format. The script is also documented on the Department’s N Drive. There is also a DVD recording of a dress rehearsal so you can see the final product – the blocking on its feet. May these things make your task significantly easier.