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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Nursing (Graduate)

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Kristen Slabaugh


BACKGROUND: APPs are increasingly being integrated into various health care settings and the role continues to gain popularity and utility as a solution to the shortage of physicians. Successful onboarding of APPs has been identified as an important factor in the role transition and integration of APPs into their team and organization.

PROBLEM: When hired, APPs are often not onboarded successfully to the detriment of the provider and the organization. Despite the evidence for comprehensive onboarding programs, APPs continue to receive insufficient onboarding that ignores their unique scope of practice.

METHOD: The Ottawa Model of Research Use, a knowledge translation model, was used to guide this project and Meleis’ transitions theory provided a theoretical framework. An exhaustive literature review was performed with 17 full-text articles being critically appraised.

INTERVENTION: Participants completed an orientation and role transition survey based on their previous onboarding experience. The same group then reviewed a proposed orientation toolkit. The participants completed the same survey after their review to reflect on the potential impact of the toolkit. Statistical analysis was performed on the data obtained from the surveys.

RESULTS: The total scores between the baseline and follow-up surveys were statistically and clinically significant. Overall, the participants perceived that the new onboarding toolkit would improve transition into practice and integration into their organization.

CONCLUSION: Evidence supports comprehensive onboarding programs for improving role transitions for APPs. The survey results from this project support the existing literature and may provide the foundation for a pilot onboarding program at the project site.


Project and poster are included in the available files.