The educators of the Department of Biological Sciences at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 1993

Iron Chelation as a Chemotherapeutic Strategy for Falciparum Malaria, V. R. Gordeuk, Philip Thuma, G. M. Brittenham, G. Biemba, S. Zulu, G. Simwanza, P. Kalense, A. M'Hango, D. Parry, A. A. Poltera, and M. Aikawa

Submissions from 1992


Book Review: Creation and the History of Science Christopher B. Kaiser, Edward B. Davis


Book Review: Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives John Hedley Brooke, Edward B. Davis

Iron Chelation With Desferrioxamine B in Adults With Asymptomatic Plasmodium Falciparum Parasitemia, V. R. Gordeuk, Philip Thuma, G. M. Brittenham, S. Zulu, G. Simwanza, A. Mhangu, G. Flesch, and D. Parry


Effect of Iron Chelation Therapy on Recovery From Deep Coma in Children With Cerebral Malaria, V. Gordeuk, Philip Thuma, G. Brittenham, C. Mclaren, D. Parry, A. Backenstose, G. Biemba, R. Msiska, L. Holmes, E. Mckinley, L. Vargas, R. Gilkeson, and A. A. Poltera

The Antimalarial Effect of Iron Chelators: Studies in Animal Models and in Humans With Mild Falciparum Malaria, C. Hershko, V. R. Gordeuk, G. M. Brittenham, Philip Thuma, E. N. Theanacho, D. T. Spira, R. C. Hider, and T. E. A. Peto

Submissions from 1991


A Whale of a Tale: Fundamentalist Fish Stories, Edward B. Davis


God, Man and Nature: The Problem of Creation in Cartesian Thought, Edward B. Davis


A Simplified Integrated Fish Culture Hydroponics System, Gary Emberger

Congenital Malaria in a Hyperendemic Area, G. L. Larkin and Philip Thuma

GAL11 (SPT13), a Transcriptional Regulator of Diverse Yeast Genes, Affects the Phosphorylation State of GAL4, a Highly Specific Transcriptional Activator, R. M. Long, Larry M. Mylin, and J. E. Hopper


Sequence Conservation in the Saccharomyces and Kluveromyces GAL11 Transcription Acvivators Suggests Functional Domains, Larry M. Mylin, C. J. Gerardot, J. E. Hopper, and R. C. Dickson

Submissions from 1990


Book Review: Physics, Philosophy, and Theology: A Common Quest for Understanding Robert John Russell, William R. Stoeger, George V. Coyne, Edward B. Davis

Regulated GAL4 Expression Cassette Providing Controllable and High-Level Output From High-Copy Galactose Promoters in Yeast, Larry M. Mylin, K. J. Hofmann, L. D. Schultz, and J. E. Hopper

Phosphorylated Forms of GAL4 Are Correlated Wtih Ability to Activate Transcription, Larry M. Mylin, M. Johnston, and J. E. Hopper

Submissions from 1989


Regulated Phosphorylation and Dephosphorylation of GAL4, a Transcriptional Activator, Larry M. Mylin, J. P. Bhat, and J. E. Hopper

Submissions from 1987

Regulated Overproduction of the GAL4 Gene Product Greatly Increases Expression From Galactose-Inducible Promoters on Multi-Copy Expression Vectors in Yeast, L. D. Schultz, K. J. Hofmann, Larry M. Mylin, D. L. Montgomery, R. W. Ellis, and J. E. Hopper

Submissions from 1986

Effects of Halothane on Transport of 5-Hydroxytryptamine by Platelet Membranes, C. A. Watkins, Larry M. Mylin, and D. E. Rannels

Submissions from 1984


Creation, Contingency, and Early Modern Science: The Impact of Voluntarist Theology on Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy, Edward B. Davis

Submissions from 1983

Species-Dependent Variations in Erythrocyte Membrane Skeletal Proteins, C. F. Whitfield, Larry M. Mylin, and S. R. Goodman

Submissions from 1982

Changes in the Mechanisms of Hormone and Neurotransmitter Action During Aging: Current Status of the Role of Receptor and Post-Receptor Alterations. A Review, G. S. Roth and Gerald D. Hess

Submissions from 1981

Effect of Age on Sensitivity to Pain and Brain Opiate Receptors, Gerald D. Hess, J. A. Joseph, and G. S. Roth

Submissions from 1980

Treatment of Anaemia Associated With Acute Falciparum Malaria Infection, Philip Thuma, D. J. Spurrier, and R. Coppenhaven

Submissions from 1972

Effects of Chronic ACTH Stimulation on Adrenocortical Function in Young and Aged Rats, Gerald D. Hess and G. D. Riegle

Chronic and Acute Dexamethasone Suppression of Stress Activation of the Adrenal Cortex in Young and Aged Rats, G. D. Riegle and Gerald D. Hess

Submissions from 1970

Adrenocortical Responsiveness to Stress and ACTH in Aging Rats, Gerald D. Hess and G. D. Riegle