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Research on altruism has often focused on the effects of altruistic vs.selfish modeling on 5 altruism.' Hansson, Slade, and Slade found that urban Ss were more likely than were rural Ss to respond selfishly in the presence of a selfish model, and to act altruistically when presented with an altruistic model. The authors explain their results in terms of Milgram's urban-overload theory. In complex urban societies individuals behave on the basis of economy rather than more complicated considerations such as social interest. The present research is a partial replication of the Hansson et with both behavioral and attitudinal measures of altruism for urban and rural Ss.


DOI: 10.1080/00224545.1982.9922811

Published as: Dixon, P. N., & Stevick, R. A. (1982). Urban-Rural Differences in Social Interest and Altruistic Behavior. Journal of Social Psychology, 118(2), 285.