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While academic and student affairs partnership programs have been championed as a means to enhance undergraduate education, research documenting the characteristics of effective part-nership programs is sparse. The Boyer Partnership Assessment Project is a qualitative examination of academic and student affairs partnership programs at 18, diverse institutions. This article identifies seven principles of good practice for creating and sustaining effective partnerships, and discusses the implications of these principles for higher education research and practice.


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Elkins Neshiem, Becki, Melanie J. Guentzel, Angela H. Kellogg, William M. McDonald, Cynthia A. Wells, Elizabeth J. Whitt (2007). Outcomes for Students of Student Affairs-Academic Affairs Partnership Programs. Journal of College Student Development. Vol. 48(4). 1-20.

Whitt, E. J., Nesheim, B. E., Guentzel, M. J., Kellogg, A. H., McDonald, W. M., & Wells, C. A. (2008). “Principles of good practice” for academic and student affairs partnership programs. Journal of College Student Development, 49(3), 235–249.