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This article considers the significance of Boyer's work on general education for Christian colleges and universities. After beginning with a synthesis and analysis of Boyer's vast body of work on general education, this article then identifies the challenges facing those concerned with renewing the general education program in Christian colleges and universities. This piece concludes by illustrating how Boyer's ideals for general education relate to the educational aims of Christian colleges and universities and also provides concrete examples of how Boyer's ideals are evident in Christian higher education today. This article argues that Boyer's vision for general education is fully consistent with and necessary to advancing the aims of the educational program in Christian colleges and universities because it infuses commitment to coherence of purpose, connection, integration, and application of learning.


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Wells, C. (2014). “Renewing our shared purpose: Considering Boyer’s general education vision for Christian colleges”. Christian Higher Education: An International Journal of Research, Theory, and Practice. 13(1): 43-60.

Wells, C. A. (2014). Renewing our shared purpose: Considering ernest l. Boyer’s general education vision for christian colleges and universities. Christian Higher Education, 13(1), 43–60.