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This project explores the necessary need to create and implement accommodations for low achieving learners and high achieving learners in mathematics, specifically addition and subtraction at the kindergarten level. Currently, there are no accommodations provided in the mathematic curriculum to support these groups of students and ensure they continue to succeed and grow. Research data was collected and analyzed to determine the types of accommodations that are most beneficial to these two groups of learners. Through the research findings, accommodations were discovered and included in the final project to create a student-centered learning environment called the Rainforest Math Cove. The student-centered learning environment encourages students to become responsible and independent of their own learning while instilling pride in conquering their own misunderstandings when solving the problems. This project contains all of the necessary components that an educator would need in order to implement the student-centered learning environment. It is recommended that upon implementation of the Rainforest Math Cove, the educator or an observer monitor the effects this student-centered learning environment has on student achievement.