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The Energy Monitoring and Management System facilitates access to electric power in regions with limited energy by increasing energy conservation and education. The solution consists of a meter which allocates a configurable daily energy limit per facility, and a display that provides practical information to the user including reporting how much energy they have used and how much they have left before their power is automatically cut off until the next day.

The current version of the system has successfully been installed in multiple facilities in Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe, however software errors are preventing the system from meeting client specifications. To remedy this issue, our team has performed various updates to the software of the meters in preparation in order to distribute a software update to our client. A testing procedure has been implemented to verify functional operation. Mechanical performance issues were also reported about the installed meters. Hardware revisions and design updates have been implemented to resolve the issues.

This presentation will detail the steps made to debug module programming and revise hardware design.

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Energy Monitoring and Management System