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Globally religious diversity is on the rise yet the place of religion in public schools is often heatedly debated. This study examined the experiences of fifth graders in regards to religion in public schools in the United States and Israel. The juxtaposition of diverse countries and school settings opens the dialogue to examine how children and their teachers perceive the impact of religion while in school. The findings suggest that the impact of minority status, school curriculum, and the political and geographical contexts of schools impact the ways that religion is conceptualized in public elementary schools. In addition, the uniquenesses between religions and teacher views concerning the place of religion in public schools should be explored further


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Keller, T. Camardese, A, & Abbas, R. (2017). “We don't talk about that here": Teachers, Religion, Public Elementary Schools and the Embodiment of Silence, a Binational United States and Israel Study. Journal of Childhood and Religion 7, pp1-41.