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Curriculum Weaving uses multi-layered goal planning designed to activate the students' prior knowledge, connect the student to student competencies and encourage them to engage in professionally-based, project management activities that will cultivate effective professional in the field classroom teacher. The focus of weaving these elements together through a project based event fosters a shift to a more holistic and contextualized perspective of the learner. In our model of Curriculum Weaving, we see this process as one that describes the uniting of daily theoretical requirements, student lived experiences, and intangible skill sets into a larger perspective of learning as represented by holistic thinking. The following article describes the Curriculum Weaving Model as it was applied to a children’s book author visit.


DuBois, A. L., & Keller, T. M. (2016). Curriculum weaving: Developing creative curricular opportunities for pre-service teachers and elementary students through project-based learning. Journal of Curriculum and Teaching, 5(2), p37.