Mate Selection Across Cultures


Mate Selection Across Cultures



Mate Selection Across Cultures explores one of the most basic human endeavors—couple formation—with particular attention to those relationships that lead to marriage. Which characteristics are most prized in a mate? How do variables like personal and cultural values, religious beliefs and practices, political and historical contexts, socioeconomic standing, and interpersonal attraction affect the pairing process? Editors Raeann R. Hamon and Bron B. Ingoldsby examine the enterprise of mate selection and look at the similarities and differences of human bonds around the globe.

Mate Selection Across Cultures provides a contemporary, global perspective on the couple formation process in various regions of the world including countries such as Ecuador, Kenya, Israel, and many more. This book is unique in that it explores the vast sub-cultural diversity and variation that exists within any one country and also reviews such concepts as modernization/traditionalism, arranged marriage/free choice, love/family practicality, cohabitation/marriage, and collectivism/individualism. In addition to exploring these dichotomies, the editors delineate the partner selection process and investigate the practices, customs, traditions, rituals, and ceremonies associated with the formalization of these relationships.

Features of this text:

  • Expert contributors provide students with an "insider view" of the original research and of the existing literature on the individual countries and regions addressed
  • Includes countries for which there is little or no published family scholarship
  • Case studies, vignettes, and photos of courtship and wedding traditions across cultures enliven the text for readers
  • Uniformity across chapters makes it easy for instructors and students to examine comparisons between and among different cultures

Mate Selection Across Cultures is an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in marriage, family, and human relations in Family Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and related disciplines.



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Mate Selection Across Cultures