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Project Open Access

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Master of Music (MM)


Music conducting

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Dr. Brad Genervro


Contents include:

  • Grade 2: The Headless Horseman
  • Grade 3 Air For Band
  • Grade 4 Prelude, Siciliano, and Rondo
  • Grade 5 American Salute & Vesuvius

Selecting repertoire for a performing ensemble is an important responsibility for the conductor. A thorough analysis of each composition is crucial for an integral rehearsal and performance. Unlocking the musical elements of a composition, through a complete analysis, will greatly contribute to the level of success experienced by each individual performing member and the conductor.

The repertoire studied in this project is of significant quality and is regarded as select literature within the world of wind band conductors and composers. Each piece and its composer was analyzed and researched using nine unit topics. These topics include: composer, composition, historical perspective, technical considerations, stylistic considerations, musical elements, form and structure, suggested listening, and additional references and resources. The unit topics parallel those from the series Teaching Music Through Performance in Band developed by leading conductors, educators, and musicians in their respective fields.

The purpose of this study was to identify, closely study, and share the elements of the music that go beyond the printed page. Educators and conductors at all levels are responsible for discovering and sharing information that will illuminate, intrigue, and inspire the performing musicians. Gathering information that goes beyond the printed page is essential for accomplishing the aforementioned objective, and will assist the conductor in preparing the ensemble for excellence.

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