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December 13 & 14, 2019 @ 8pm Poorman Black Box Theater, Climenhaga Building, Messiah College Estimated Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes (time includes one 15 minute intermission)

Great Challenges, Greater Joy Created by Lindsey Blank & Brooklyn Duttweiler

In our lives we have found that art explores life’s greatest challenges while also expressing the joy that God gives. In pursuit of this creative endeavor, we showcase the different redemption stories that have altered our perceptions. Through the combination of dance and costuming, we have worked to express those emotions that are too difficult to put into words.

Estimated runtime: 30 minutes

Sam and Charlie Created & Performed by Brittany Grove & Ellen Diehl

Sam is a vocalist. Charlie is a dog. When Sam faces challenges in her career and her relationship with her mother, Charlie tries to help with the charm that only a canine could possess. A playful frolic of camaraderie and fun, this story explores relationships and how we communicate with those closest to us.

*There will be a talkback after this performance with the creators of Sam and Charlie. Join us after the show to discuss impactful moments and give feedback to develop the original work.

Estimated runtime: 45 minutes

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Creative Writing | Theatre and Performance Studies

2019 Fall Senior Series: “Great Challenges, Greater Joy” & “Sam and Charlie”