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The 2009 campus Sustainability Report Card cited 29% of campuses had some sort of campus farm. As of 2014, AASHE lists 72 campuses under the “Campus Supported Agriculture and Farms” designation, and 147 campuses under the“ Campus and Campus-Community Garden” designation. Using survey and interview research this presentation will look at the current trends of campus farm/garden projects across North America. What are the predominant models, and at what type of schools? What are the primary educational objectives of campus farm/gardens? Which campus offices and/or academic departments are most involved in agricultural programs? What discipline are students coming from, and how are they getting involved? These trends will help facilitate a conversation on the best practices as we look into the future of agriculture programming and training at Colleges and Universities. Orr dreamed of a more holistic education for future farmers, rooted in ethics, conservation, and civics; in short- the liberal arts tradition. Is his dream becoming a reality?


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Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education: Portland, OR, October 2014 “The Campus Farm Movement: A Survey of Campus Agriculture in North America”

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