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Dr. Kate Oswald Wilkins


Research Question:

Through Ali's and Sangwoo's relationship dynamics, how can we discover, evaluate, and analyze the nature of intercultural, fictional portrayals in a competitive setting like the environment in Squid Game?

Discussions and Findings:

The risk of deep disclosure in terms of economic value is the breaking of trust. As relationships develop and more self-disclosure occurs, more trust gradually builds between the two characters. However, in a competitive environment of life and death, the risks that come with too much trust and loyalty are that the relationship they share will make it harder for both parties to make decisions or one of them could potentially exploit the trust of the other. - Linguistic shifts and usage can also play an enormous role that impacts the nature of the character's relationship and reflects the values of a country's culture. It plays a massive role in reflecting and emphasizing South Korea's importance on hierarchical structure and intimacy in a competitive environment.

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This project was completed as part of COMM 341: Communication Theory. It was shared at the First Annual SACS Undergraduate Research Day on Friday, April 22, 2022.

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