Religion’s return to higher education: A Primer

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Board meetings usually focus on nuts-and-bolts issues--action items and financial matters that require immediate discussion and prompt decisions. But larger philosophical issues also sometimes float to the surface--matters having to do with institutional mission, campus ethos, or educational styles--and when these kinds of issues arise, it is becoming more likely that religion will be part of the discussion. After decades of largely ignoring the subject, colleges and universities across the country are re-engaging religion. In this piece, the authors describe what they learned about religion's new visibility, define the new reality of "pluriform" American religion, differentiate among three kinds of religion on campus (historic, public, and personal), and point out the key educational questions that religion raises for board members and other leaders at colleges and universities.


Originally published as: Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2013). Religion’s return to higher education: A Primer. Trusteeship 21:1. ISSN: 1068-1027

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