The educators of the Department of Psychology at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 2019


Pedagogical Perspectives on Counselor Education: An Autoethnographic Experience of Doctoral Student Development, A Elliott, B. M. Salazar, B. L. Dennis, Lynn Bohecker, T. Nielson, K. LaMantia, and D. M. Kleist

First-Year Counselors-in-Training and Perceptions of the Group Environment, L. G. Vereen, Lynn Bohecker, A. H. Elliott, K. LaMantia, H. N. Martinez, and N. Burrow

Submissions from 2018


Godspeed: Counselor Education Doctoral Student Experiences From Diverse Religious and Spiritual Backgrounds, A. M. Anekstein, Lynn Bohecker, T. Nielson, and H. Martinez


United We Stand: Narrative Study to Aid the Counseling Profession in Developing a Coherent Identity, S. J. Eissenstat and Lynn Bohecker

Submissions from 2017

The Idea of Calling Presented in Light of High-Impact Practices in a General Education Course and Beyond, John I. Bechtold

Spirituality and Religion: The Ninth CACREP Core Curriculum Area, Lynn Bohecker, R. Schellenberg, and J. Silvey

Research and Scholarship in Group Work: Scope and Emergent Themes Over 20 Years, L. G. Vereen and Lynn Bohecker

Submissions from 2016

Increasing Students’ Empathy and Counseling Self-Efficacy Through a Mindfulness Experiential Small Group, Lynn Bohecker and E. A. Doughty Horn

A Mindfulness Experiential Small Group to Help Students Tolerate Ambiguity, Lynn Bohecker, L. G. Vereen, P. C. Wells, and C. C. Wathen

Perceived Relationship With God Moderates the Relationship Between Social Comparison and Body Appreciation, K. J. Homan and Valerie A. Lemmon

Submissions from 2015

The Career Development of Adolescent Mothers: A Review of 25 Years of Professional Literature, Heather H. Barto, S. F. Lambert, and P. E. Brott

Ally Development Through Feminist Pedagogy: A Systemic Focus on Intersectionality, K. LaMantia, H. Wagner, and Lynn Bohecker

Submissions from 2014

Mindfully Educating Our Future: The MESG Curriculum for Training Emergent Counselors, Lynn Bohecker, C. Wathen, P. Wells, B. M. Salazar, and L. G. Vereen

Attachment to God and Eating Disorder Tendencies: The Mediating Role of Social Comparison, K. J. Homan and Valerie A. Lemmon

The Religious Roots of Ernest L. Boyer's Educational Vision: A Theology of Public Pietism, D. Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Submissions from 2011

Formation in the Classroom, F. Glennon, D. Jacobsen, Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen, J. J. Thatamanil, A. Porterfield, and M. E. Moore

Submissions from 2009

African American English: Implications for School Counseling Professionals, N. L. Day-Vines, Heather H. Barto, B. L. Booker, K. V. Smith, J. Barna, B. S. Maiden, L. Zegley, and M. T. Felder

Submissions from 2008


Book Review Essays, Richard A. Stevick

Submissions from 2005

A Response to the Pneuma Essays on Faith and Scholarship, D. Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Pentecostalism and the Academy, D. Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen

Submissions from 1995


Effects of Short-Term Volunteer Experience on Self-Perceptions and Prosocial Behavior, Richard A. Stevick and J. A. Addleman

Submissions from 1991


Importance of Decision and Postdecision Dissonance: A Return to the Racetrack, Richard A. Stevick, Kaylen A. Martin, and Lynndell Showalter

Submissions from 1990


Comparing survey results of volunteer and randomly-selected subjects, Richard A. Stevick, James H. Barnes, and Sandra G. Orke

Submissions from 1989

Memory for Implied Versus Directly Stated Advertising Claims, R. J. Harris, M. L. Trusty, John I. Bechtold, and L. Wasinger

Submissions from 1987

“The Psychology of Mass Communication” Course, R. J. Harris and John I. Bechtold

Submissions from 1986

Language in Advertising: A Psycholinguistic Approach, R. J. Harris, R. E. Sturm, M. L. Klassen, and John I. Bechtold

Submissions from 1984


Response Differences and Preferences for All-Category-Defined and End-Defined Likert Formats, P. N. Dixon, M. Bobo, and Richard A. Stevick

Submissions from 1982


Urban-Rural Differences in Social Interest and Altruistic Behavior, P. N. Dixon and Richard A. Stevick

Submissions from 1980


Locus of Control and Behavioral Versus Self-Response Measures of Social Interest, Richard A. Stevick, Paul N. Dixon, and Welborn K. Willingham

Submissions from 1979


The effect of incompetence in self-disclosure on interpersonal attraction, Richard A. Stevick