A series of three contributions to God or Blind Nature?:Philosophers Debate the Evidence

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This book consists of four nonpartisan debates about the existence of God. Each debate examines distinct related areas of evidence for and against naturalism and theism. The topics of the first debate are the mind and the will, and the debaters are a naturalist, Andrew Melnyk, and two theists, Steward Goetz and Charles Taliaferro. Next, Paul Draper defends an evolutionary argument from evil against theism, while Alvin Plantinga argues that evolutionary naturalism is self-defeating. In the final two debates, Quentin Smith and Robin Collins examine evidence from the physical sciences, while John Schellenberg and Jeffrey Jordan debate divine hiddenness and pragmatic justifications of theistic belief.


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A series of three contributions to God or Blind Nature?: Philosophers Debate the Evidence, edited by Paul Draper. (This is an online book debating the merits of theism versus naturalism sponsored by the most popular atheist website, infidels.org.These contributions were from 2007–08.)

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