The educators of the Department of Philosophy at Messiah frequently publish and present quality scholarship in their field and in the context of their vibrant Christian faith.


Submissions from 2019

The Fine-Tuning Provides Evidence for God’s Existence, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2018

The Argument from Physical Constants: The Fine-Tuning for Discoverability, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2017

The Teleological Argument, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2016

Methodological Theism, Robin Collins

Saving our Souls from Materialism, Robin Collins

The fine-tuning for discoverability, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2014

Extraterrestrial intelligence and the incarnation, Robin Collins

Nature as a Source of Non-Conflictual Mimetic Desire, Robin Collins

The Connection Building Theodicy, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2013

Modern Cosmology and Anthropic Fine-tuning: Three Approaches, Robin Collins

The Fine-Tuning Evidence is Convincing, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2012

Non-Violent Atonement, Robin Collins

Response to Peter Van Inwagen, "Causation and the Mental", Robin Collins

The Fine-Tuning of the Cosmos: A Fresh Look at Its Implications, Robin Collins

Theism and Naturalism, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2011

A Scientific Case for the Soul, Robin Collins

Prayer and Open Theism: A Participatory, Co-Creator Model, Robin Collins

The Energy of the Soul, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2009

Divine Action and Evolution, Robin Collins


God and the Laws of Nature, Robin Collins

The Teleological Argument: An Exploration of the Fine-Tuning of the Universe, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2008

Contributions from the Philosophy of Science, Robin Collins


Modern Physics and the Energy-Conservation Objection to Mind-Body Dualism, Robin Collins

The Teleological Argument, Robin Collins

The shocking non sequitur, Tim Schoettle

Submissions from 2007

Argument from Design, Robin Collins

A series of three contributions to God or Blind Nature?:Philosophers Debate the Evidence, Robin Collins

The multiverse hypothesis: A theistic perspective, Robin Collins

The Teleological Argument, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2006

The design argument: Between science and metaphysics, Robin Collins


The Many-Worlds Hypothesis As an Explanation of Cosmic Fine-Tuning: An Alternative to Design?, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2005

Design and the Designer: New Concepts, New Challenges, Robin Collins


How to Rigorously Define Fine-Tuning, Robin Collins

'Hume, Fine-Tuning and the ‘Who Designed God?’ Objection, Robin Collins

The many-worlds hypothesis as an explanation of cosmic fine-tuning: An alternative to design?, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2004


Theism or Pantheism? A Review Essay on John Leslie’s Infinite Minds: A Philosophical Cosmology, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2003

Evidence for fine-tuning, Robin Collins

Evolution and Original Sin, Robin Collins

The teleological argument, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2002

Design and the Many-Worlds Hypothesis, Robin Collins

God, Design, and Fine-Tuning, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2001


An Evaluation of William A. Dembski’s The Design Inference: A Review Essay, Robin Collins

Submissions from 2000

Girard and Atonement: An Incarnational Theory of Mimetic Participation, Robin Collins

Scientific Naturalism, Robin Collins

Character-dependent duty: An anabaptist approach to ethics, Caleb Miller

Submissions from 1999

A Scientific Argument for the Existence of God: The Fine-Tuning Design Argument, Robin Collins

Eastern Religions, Robin Collins

Creation, redemption and virtue, Caleb Miller

Submissions from 1996

An Epistemological Critique of Bohmian Mechanics, Robin Collins

Submissions from 1994


Against the Epistemic Value of Prediction Over Accommodation, Robin Collins