The Si3N4/TiN Interface: 5. TiN/Si3N4 Grown and Analyzed In situ using Angle-resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

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Angle-resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (AR-XPS) was used to analyze TiN/Si3N4 bilayers grown by ultrahigh vacuum reactive magnetron sputter deposition onto Si(001), with an electrically floating substrate potential of 7 V, in mixed 1:1 Ar/N2 discharges maintained at a total pressure of 0.5 Pa (3.75 × 10-3 Torr). The Si3N4 layers were deposited at room temperature and the 4-ML thick TiN overlayers were grown at 600 °C. AR-XPS spectra were obtained using incident monochromatic Al Kα x-radiation at 0.83401 nm. TiN/Si3N4 Ti 2p spectra reveal an unscreened final-state satellite intensity that lies between that of clean TiN(001) and Si3N4/TiN(001). © 2012 American Vacuum Society.

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