Continuous feedback pedagogical patterns

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Successful teachers recognize there is more to teaching than mastering content. Concern for student learning is the central theme. Over time, teachers develop a repertoire of best practices, classroom skills, and methods that have proven effective for them. The teaching patterns presented here were gathered from our collective experience in the classroom and those we have observed among our colleagues. The patterns presented in this paper focus on continuous feedback. Some patterns involve direct feedback from the teacher to the student while others involve feedback from the students to the teacher. Several of the patterns can be adapted for use in classrooms ranging from kindergarten to adult learning and to seminars and workshops in the business and industrial communities. © 2008 is held by the author(s).


Larson, K. A., Trees, F. P., & Weaver, D. S. (2008). Continuous feedback pedagogical patterns. Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs - PLoP ’08, 1. https://doi.org/10.1145/1753196.1753211

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