2004 Spring Humanities Symposium: Culture, Community, and Belonging


Messiah College

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Keynote Address: Dr. Jean Kilbourne

March 8-12, 2004

How do people develop a sense of belonging? How is this expressed in culture and community life? Does belonging to a culture and a community depend on sameness or the overcoming of differences? When do the boundaries of culture and community replace belonging with alienation? How are the ideas of community, culture, and belonging related and how do they mutually reinforce identity? How have ideas about culture, community, and belonging changed over time? And how does the life and gospel of Jesus Christ challenge our notions of culture, community, and belonging?

These are the critical questions we invite the community at Messiah College to explore during the Spring 2004 Humanities Symposium. The Humanities Roundtable Advisory Board has planned this week-long symposium, with hopes that it will provide the campus with a public intellectual conversation that contributes to our common life together and to our understanding of the wider world.

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