2009 Spring Humanities Symposium: Faith in the Public Square


Messiah College

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Keynote Address: Dr. Alan Wolfe

February 23-28, 2009

How do our cherished values find public expression? Should religion be treated as belonging to the domain of public or private? What is the role of religion within a secular polity? While such questions point to the importance of faith in public life, they need not be confined to the domain of religion. We also publicly express our faith in everything from stock markets to abstract ideals like love, justice, equality, and humanity. It is all too clear that human faith, both in its religious and non-religious manifestations, finds public expression with profound implications, touching almost every sphere of human life—politics, culture, society, economics, and even the world of ideas. Such public expressions of faith raise a range of fascinating questions that merit exploration, debate, and dialogue from a variety of perspectives. Faith in the Public Square is good to think and talk about.

The Spring 2009 Humanities Symposium provides an opportunity for the Messiah College community to explore the many aspects of faith in the public square as a driving force in human life. The Center for Public Humanities’ Executive Committee has planned this symposium with hopes that it will provide the campus with a public intellectual conversation that contributes to our common life together and to our understanding of the wider world.

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