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Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science

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Dr. Doug Miller


When we hear the word “healthy” what words or images come to mind? Many would probably respond with lavish depictions of fit individuals who have CrossFit memberships, munch on kale, have outrageously defined biceps, and have no physical ailments or diseases of any kind. What if I told you that this same individual looked fine on the outside, but in the private realm of his mind was battling severe anxiety and depression. Most people would probably struggle to decide if they should label this individual as healthy or unhealthy. So, how is it that someone can be seemingly healthy and unhealthy at the same time? You see, it doesn’t take long for the meaning of words like “health” and “wellness” to fall apart and become bewildering and contradictory. The ambiguity of these terms leaves us asking questions on what it truly means to be healthy and well and makes us question where these terms fit in the health science field. However, as we take the time to dig deep and unpack these terms what soon emerges is an imperfectly perfect picture of health and wellness as they relate to living life joyfully in fellowship with our fellow human beings.