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Welcome to this curriculum for intentional community. This curriculum is meant to be accompanied by experience, since, as many communitarians such as David Janzen often say, you cannot learn community from a book. It is something that must be experienced, a set of actions and disciplines lived out and grown in the fertile soil of concrete community. Therefore, I have set up a hypothetical program to go hand-in-hand with this curriculum, in the hopes that it may be adapted to different contexts, or perhaps even utilized for its intended purpose. This curriculum is designed for implementation in a set of two for-credit classes, one per semester, as well as a fully immersive experience in a Special Interest House at Messiah College. These classes would occur twice a week for an hour per class, adding up to two academic credits per semester. In addition, the Special Interest House would be either all men, all women, or possibly one of each, as is currently the case with the Men’s and Women’s Restoration Houses.You, as the primary advisor/facilitator of this housing, would be in close communication with the Resident Director of Special Interest Housing and the RA in order to model good collaboration.