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First Advisor

Dr. Donald Pratt


With the recent addition of a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) classification by the Federal Aviation Administration there has been an ongoing, missions-oriented project by Messiah College's Flying Club and various Senior Projects to design and create an airplane to take advantage of this new opportunity. This new aircraft will be able to operate out of small, unimproved airstrips while providing economical and practical air transportation for missionaries in remote locations. The aircraft has been designed from the start with simplicity and durability in mind to help it achieve this goal.

The scope of the engine integration project, made up of Joshua Joyce, Jonathan Shenk, and Tyler Miller, was to incorporate an engine into the already completed fuselage of the aircraft. Prior senior projects selected and tested a rotary engine made by Rotamax as the power plant for the aircraft. With the help of our advisor Dr. Pratt and Rotamax, we were able to procure an aircraft-quality engine and mount it to the fuselage of the aircraft. We also installed an exhaust and cooling system along with cockpit instrumentation and various accessories to make the engine operational.