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Psychology, Criminal Justice and Sociology


Social issues are present in every activity, area, and institution in this world. Many are positive, affecting those involved for the good, but then there are the negative that produce grave consequences both in the short term and the long. The relationship between social issues is an interesting one, for many are interrelated. One issue or problem leads to another and they snowball, creating a larger problem with almost inconceivable solutions. For example, the issue of poverty does not just begin and end with a poor individual. He or she cannot get a job that pays a higher wage because this individual does not have access to the education or skills needed for this kind of a position. He or she cannot move out of the assumedly depressed area in which they live because they cannot afford the move, cannot afford more expensive housing, and if they are a member of a minority racial or ethnic class, they may be discriminated against in the real estate market, closing doors on possible properties. All of these are social issues that play into each other, driving an individual down in society. This does not simply have immediate effects, but also long term effects. The effects could go so far as continuing into the lives of the individual's children and grandchildren.


Senior Thesis, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Messiah College, 2003.