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Dr. Donald Pratt


The Power System Management team created a system to monitor and support a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack and drive an in-hub brushless motor in a Kawasaki motorcycle. Using a microprocessor and additional circuitry, the system monitors the voltage of each battery module (one module consisting of ten cells), observes the total current of the entire system, and displays pertinent information to the motorcycle's driver. The custom microprocessor-based system incorporates an original algorithm to control the drive motor, and is a main component in an upgrade to an in-hub brushless DC motor and a higher voltage power source. Developing a lightweight Kevlar-based honeycomb battery cradle (with an aluminum housing) and incorporating the new batteries into the motorcycle frame will increase the efficiency and handling of the motorcycle. The Power System Management Team consists of Matt Ayre, Amy Bowie, Brice Farrell, and Paul Gustafson. The Collaboratory's Transportation Group was the project's sponsor, and Dr. Pratt served as the team's advisor.