Date of Award

Spring 2002

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First Advisor

Christopher Couch


I. Interview with the Author
A. The allure of studying women in the Bible
B. The allure of elaborating on subjects we know little about
C. The bigger issues of faith involved in studying women in the Bible
1. Who are these women really?
2. What would it mean if they weren't who we thought they were?
3. How can we grow as Christians from studying these ideas?
4. How can I incorporate faith and writing these short glimpses?
D. Exactly what was done for this project

II. The Women: Nearly Nameless Wonders
A. Eve: the feminist version
1. Genesis
B. Pharaoh's daughter: the real Miriam
1. Exodus 2
C. Woman with the alabaster jar: after the anointing
1. Matthew 26:6-13
D. Servant girl: after the denial
1. Matthew 26:69-75
E. Adulterous woman: closer than you think
1. John 8:4
F. Prisca: named but lonely
1. Acts 18: 18

III. Poetry to Guide
A. "eve's version" by lucille clifton
B. "Leah" by Madeleine L'Engle
C. "Lot's Wife" by Noreen M. Livoti