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It is midnight. A young pregnant woman sits in a closet, quietly scribbling notes to herself. She is writing a novel. Nine months of hard mental work every night end as she gives birth to her first child, a daughter. Also born that day is a book, which is accepted by a major publishing house. The woman is Barbara Kingsolver and the book, The Bean Trees. Since the 1988 publication of that first novel, Kingsolver has written many books: a collection of short stories (Homeland and Other Stories), a collection of poems in both Spanish and English (Another America/Otra America), and four more novels, (Animal Dreams, Pigs in Heaven, The Poisonwood Bible, and Prodigal Summer). Kingsolver has also published journalistic and nonfiction books. In 1989, she published a nonfiction account of the Phelps Dodge mine strike (Holding the Line: Women in the Great Arizona Mine Strike of 1983). Her first collection of essays, High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now and Never, became a bestseller. In response to the September 11th tragedy, Kingsolver penned another collection of essays, this one entitled Small Wonder. Her most recent publication is also nonfiction. Kingsolver collaborated with the famous photographer, Annie Griffiths Belt, to create Last Stand: America's Virgin Lands.