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Dr. Larry Lake


"Everyone has a story," proclaims Steve Hartman as he travels across America, interviewing randomly selected people, in search of their unique, individual story. Hartman is a CBS television reporter, filming segments that are sometimes featured at the end of the evening news hour. Each quest for a story is started by a dart thrown at a map of the United States~ upon arriving at this destination, Hartman picks up the phone directory, flips through it and, while closing his eyes, selects the next candidate for an interview. It's a whimsical trip across the nation, undergirded by the rather attractive and democratic philosophy that everyone has something worthy to say. And Hartman is not the first to attempt it- he follows in the footsteps of American reporters before him: David Johnson, author of No Ordinary Lives, Charles Kuralt, and Ernie Pyle. All contribute to this belief that an autobiography exists in each person, waiting to be told, waiting to be listened to.