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"A play offers you a shape and a form to accommodate your anxieties and disturbances for this period of your life you happen to be passing through"; "you delve into a particular comer of yourself that's dark and uneasy, and you articulate the confusion and the unease .... When you do that, that's finished, and you acquire other comers of unease and discontent" ("Ciaran Carty" 82, "Fintan O'Toole" 110). These are the terms in which Brian Friel, the prominent Irish dramatist whose works have now influenced both the British and the American theatre, describes the work of the playwright. Since the first performance of Philadelphia, Here I Come! in 1964, Friel has carried on a successful theatrical career that now spans four decades. In particular, his play Translations has gained him international acclaim, earning him a place among the most renowned playwrights of our day.