Date of Award


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Bachelor of Science (BS)


Computer and Information Science

First Advisor

Trevor Bunch


The Board Game Fact Checker is a web application that is designed for tabletop game enthusiasts. Often, these games can lead to debates over how to play a certain game. This app is intended to solve those problems by providing users with ability to look up the rules and details for each game. Games are divided up and listed by the category of board or card game. In addition, games are able to be linked to expansion packs and their rules, should a game support one. The app provides users with access to both the rules as well information such as age, player count, and manufacturer. With a functioning registration and login system, the application is intended to have user generated questions on each game as well as creation of personal libraries for ease of access to each games. With time, this site could become a reliable source of information for any future game night.