Amy Ward

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First Advisor

Dr. Erik Lindquist

Second Advisor

Dr. Connie Ostwald


Messiah College Tourism Research Team (MCSDG), in conjunction with Food for the Hungry Bolivia, surveys existing and potential adventure, ecological, agricultural and cultural tourism sites in Torotoro, Bolivia. MCSDG uses Appreciative Inquiry and polyphonic reflection to identify existing successful qualities of Torotoro tourism and create a working foundation for future positive change. Six emergent themes surrounding tourism development in Torotoro are identified and discussed. Each tourism venue MCSDG visits is documented via a site outline that includes current successes, dreams, and suggestions for development and possible improvement. In addition, MCSDG also creates a tourist scenario for each subsector of tourism that highlights venue attractions, current successes, and future development suggestions. The culminating result of MCSDG’s research is presented in an integrative model for community-based tourism development. This model, based on a tourist’s interests, offers a more comprehensive and enhanced visitor experience that spans multiple subsectors of tourism in Torotoro.