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History, Politics and International Relations


As Thomas Friedman has argued, the world has become flat. Through globalization the comparison between cultures, societies, countries is now an every day occurrence. The field of politics has changed substantially. One hundred and fifty years ago politics was based on the the theoretical ideal: how people groups should and could act. However, today our politics are more prominently noted by how people groups do act in relation to one another. In essence, politics has become more comparative in nature. That being said, a type of measuring stick, therefore has been created for any given issue. If we were to talk about taxation, perhaps we would want to focus on some of the northern Europe states as a potential ideal, or if rapid economic integration were of interest, most likely China would be of importance. All this to say that some cultures or regions of the world are simply of more importance to study because of the light they shed on the underlying universal issues or principles. This is most certainly the case for Latin America and it’s relation to female political vitality.